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Hopefully, you'll think I am as amusing as you know I am. And that's really really. (Most of these quotes have been accumulated and stored by my gf.)

Havok: "Random person I added on facebook for gaming posted this, hilarious:
"how to get over your fear of the dark: as soon as you turn your lights off, start masturbating. No monster wants to see that shit, while doing it, stare at the corner and whisper tenderly "this is for you""
Misty: "I've watched hentai. I know how that will end."


Havok: "Lack of sexytimes is a leading cause of suicide?"
Misty: "Yes. A highly regarded psysexyologist by the name of Dr. Misty Fancypants says so."
Misty: "Too much sexytimes can lead to it too. It's a lose-lose situation. Basically, we're all screwed."


Havok: "How are you so awesome?"
Misty: "I was blessed by a herd of beautiful wild unicorns roaming free across the plain. They came upon me and said "NEEEIGH NEIIIGH NEEEEIGH NEIGH NEEEEIGH WHINNNY NEIIIIGH STOMP REAR POOP" And after that touching speech by the Unicorn King and all the gifts they bestowed upon me, I became MISTY."


Misty: "Note to self - don't leave phone screen awake when there is an animated gif of a crying man in a black fetish mask eating a taco through the zippered mouth. Havok will ask questions."


Misty: I'm in the basement.
Havok: You're in the basement? What're you doing in the basement?
Misty: Hiding the body.


Misty: "I say jump, you jump, you don't ask how high. You jump, and then you ask if it was good enough!"


Misty (to Havok): "Do you realize 80% of this relationship is me making you do stuff that you would never do on your own? The other 20%? Hot lesbian action."


Misty (to Havok):"What do you mean no? There is no 'no' in this relationship! There's only 'yes' and 'more'."


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